Letter: Gun insanity, farm bill

October 4, 2013 

Some recent changes in state gun laws caught my eye. In Iowa, blind people as well as registered sex offenders can now obtain gun permits. Louisiana, which has the second highest gun murder rate in the country, overwhelmingly passed a change to their state constitution (with the help of the NRA, of course) which makes gun ownership a fundamental right, thereby entitling people convicted of violent crimes, such as murder and rape, the right to own a gun. A recent change to North Carolina's gun law allows guns in playgrounds, public recreation areas, as well as in bars. I'm convinced that promoting drinking alcohol in a public place with a loaded gun is a bad idea. Those in North Carolina apparently disagree. I am thankful that my friends and loved ones live in a state whose citizens are not so infatuated with guns that they've lost their common sense.

Another news item caught my eye. House Republicans recently passed a farm bill that eliminates $40 billion in food stamp subsidies to the poor, but reinstates billions in corporate welfare farm subsidies to the wealthy. I don't think Jesus would approve, do you?

ROBIN GOHD, Kennewick

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