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October 3, 2013 

time of remembrance west richland flat top

September 30, 2013 - Members of the Yakima Warriors Association and Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 12018 post the colors on Sunday during A Time of Remembrance ceremony at Flat Top Park in West Richland.

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CBC continues to grow Enrollment is up at Columbia Basin College. President Rich Cummins attributes some of that to the increased size of the community. And we are definitely growing. But it seems like a good time to be grateful for the educational opportunities in the Mid-Columbia. On the menu of options, community colleges are an important choice — even vital. For one thing, CBC gives students who didn’t finish high school a chance to earn a general equivalency diploma. The Running Start program also provides a way for high school students to earn college credit. Its transfer programs help people who want to go on to a four-year university. And community colleges provide training for people who want to go directly to the work force. CBC even has some specialized four-year derees. And if you’re over 60, you can take classes for next to nothing, continuing the quest for lifelong learning. Plus, community colleges are good partners in their communities. There’s always a play or a concert or art exhibit or lecture that enriches the community. CBC serves the Mid-Columbia well. We’re grateful for its contribution. If you started, finish now And speaking of earning a GED, if you or someone you know is close to finishing theirs, now is the time. A new series of tests will be introduced at the beginning of the year and GED seekers will have to start over. We’re inspired by people who get their GED. Lots of people graduate from the school of hard knocks with no diploma. For whatever reason the high school thing didn’t work out, getting that GED gives them a chance to prove what they know. We’re grateful for the things that make us smarter — whatever form that education comes in. And we admire people who overcome obstacles to get an education. ' Time of Remembrance Last weekend, hundreds of people gathered in West Richland to honor military personnel from Washington, Idaho and Oregon who have died. There’s so much to be thankful for here. We are grateful for those who have served. Those who have sacrificed. And those who are left to remember. A terribly heavy burden is placed on all three categories. The video on the organizers’ webpage is touching. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the video says more than we ever can. It’s available online at www.timeofremembrance.org. We know our words are insufficient, but .... thank you.

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