Mid-Columbia births for Wed, Oct 2, 2013

October 2, 2013 

Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Richland

VASQUEZ -- Desiree and Joshua Gregory, Richland, boy, Sept. 26.

VARGAS ROJAS -- Jeronima and Jose Aviles, Pasco, girl, Sept. 26.

LIMON -- Yolanda and Jose Ramirez, Pasco, boy, Sept. 27.

URSUA -- Maria and Luis Cortes, Kennewick, boy, Sept. 27.

KIRKPATRICK -- Carly and Randy, Kennewick, girl, Sept. 27.

PARK -- Millesa and Peter, Prosser, girl, Sept. 27.

CASTILLO -- Silvia and Miguel Arreola, Hermiston, boy, Sept. 27.

JEWELL -- Nikita and Mathew, Richland, girl, Sept. 27.

STRATTON -- Michelle and Jeremiah Brooks, Richland, girl, Sept. 28.

LOPEZ -- Irma and Michael, Kennewick, girl, Sept. 28.

BOOTHROYD -- Rebecca and Shawn, Hermiston, girl, Sept. 28.

MARTINEZ -- Betzabet and Esteban Osorio, Kennewick, boy, Sept. 28.

KRUMBAH -- Rebekah and Levi Dennis, Richland, girl, Sept. 28.

OROZCO -- Jessica and Daniel Almonte, Hermiston, girl, Sept. 28.

VILLALBA -- Adriana and Robb Salazar, Grandview, girl, Sept. 28.

CHAVEZ -- Symphony and Thomas King, Kennewick, girl, Sept. 28.

MICHELS -- Sarah and Alexander Plemmons, Kennewick, boy, Sept. 29.

GRIFFIN -- Trudy and Michael, Benton City, boy, Sept. 29.

VILLANUEVA -- Deisy and Renson Miranda, Prosser, boy, Sept. 30.

HERNANDEZ -- Diana and Henry Castillo, Pasco, girl, Sept. 30.

DELEON -- Blanca and Daniel Chavez, Kennewick, girl, Sept. 30.

DAHL -- Megan and Randy, West Richland, boy, Sept. 30.

GRACIANO -- Susana and Audel Espinoza, Pasco, boy, Sept. 30.

HARRINGTON -- Katie and Maclovio Sandoval, Richland, boy, Sept. 30.

GORE -- Margaret and Paul, Pasco, girl, Oct. 1.

SMITH -- Dawnell and Rene Ramos, Richland, boy, Oct. 1.

YORK -- Tessa and Robert, Kennewick, boy, Oct. 1.

CLIFTON -- Heather and William Richards, Kennewick, girl, Oct. 1.

LAMBERSON -- Kadi and Jamey, Kennewick, girl, Oct. 1.

KRONBERG -- Rachel and Philip, Kennewick, girl, Oct. 1.

Kennewick General Hospital

JOHNSON -- Jennifer and Alex, Kennewick, boy, Sept. 26.

SANDERS -- Victoria and Taryn, Pasco, boy, Sept. 26.

ECHEVERRIA -- Guadalupe and David, Kennewick, girl, Sept. 26.

HERNANDEZ -- Teresa and Jose Gonzalez, Pasco, girl, Sept. 26.

RODRIGUEZ -- Cristina and Humberto Garcia Mendoza, Pasco, boy, Sept. 26.

MEDINA -- Denise and Joel Torres, Kennewick, girl, Sept. 27.

JUAN -- Jazmin and Jose, Pasco, girl, Sept. 28.

DAVIS -- Stefanie and Tyrel, Kennewick, girl, Sept. 28.

DEBORD -- Lindsay and Levi, Burbank, girl, Sept. 12.

FISHER -- Andriana and Anthony, Portland, Ore., girl, Sept. 17.

JOHNSON -- Ashton and Jeff, Kennewick, boy, Sept. 28.

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