Letter: Universal health care popular around the world

October 2, 2013 

Recently Republican-supported ads have appeared on TV, urging young adults to opt out of health care coverage. Their slogan is "Don't let government play doctor." I find it ironic numerous Republican states have passed laws requiring women to have ultrasounds

Let's say, for instance, a young adult without health insurance has a serious injury or illness resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses. Does that person pay for that out of pocket or will the Republicans step in and assist with expenses?

The fact is everyone needs health care coverage. No one is immune to illness or injury. Car insurance is mandatory. An earlier reader wrote that one has the option of not driving. The problem with that analogy is one does not have the option of staying free of illness or injury. It is better if low-income people pay a small premium rather than go to the emergency room and have others absorb the costs.

European countries, Canada, Australia and other industrialized countries have universal health care. There must be a reason.


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