Election letter: Pasco Prop. 2 -- No

October 1, 2013 

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it." This applies in spades to Pasco's current form of government. Anyone who has been around here for any length of time knows the tremendous strides the city of Pasco has made over the past 25 years. And much of this progress has been the result of good city government and professional city management. So why would we want to change from something that works to a form of government where an elected politician, with veto power over the city council, runs the city as a "strong mayor" and as someone we could be stuck with for up to four years if he or she turns out not to be up to the job?

The reason Proposition 2 is on the ballot is because a small group of people living outside the city want to "punish" certain city officials for making decisions they don't agree with. Well, the only people who will be punished if this proposal passes are the people of Pasco. Don't fall for it. Vote no on Proposition 2.


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