Letter: Nuclear power was, and still is, good for the country

September 29, 2013 

Wow! What a revelation. Yes, Sunday's full-page story regarding the time President Kennedy came to Hanford to kick off the building of the "first large scale" nuclear power plant. What an asset it was (and is) to be for the area as well as the entire state, as well for the state-of-the-art electric power production. What has happened?

From the article, it seems that people from all over the state -- west side included -- came to herald this power production advancement. Now it seems that, perhaps, some of those same people would like to see this beneficial asset deactivated and not repeated. Why the change?

Have those who would scare the populous decided that properly used "nuclear" is now our enemy? Or is there too much money to be made by those who think that wind power can be a suitable substitute. (Don't you just love the sight of those "windmills" as you travel down the Columbia River Gorge now?)

Nuclear power production is still an economical way to better our lives and light our homes.


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