Man pleads innocent to child molestation

Kristin M. Kraemer, Herald staff writerSeptember 29, 2013 

A man accused of molesting a young girl, then making her promise she wouldn't tell anyone, is behind bars on $250,000 bail.

Patrick Alan Winters, 31, pleaded innocent to first-degree child molestation. His trial is set Dec. 9.

Earlier this month, the girl reportedly told a relative, "I'm not supposed to tell you something," court documents said. Winters snapped at her to be quiet, but she later shared that he'd "tickled" her in her private parts and she was told not to say anything "because he isn't supposed to be doing that."

The victim claimed he wouldn't stop, even when she tried to get him to move.

Winters, when questioned by authorities, said the girl asked him to tickle her stomach and his hand accidentally touched her when she moved, court documents said. He later changed his story twice, and admitted being aroused when he inappropriately touched her.

In asking the girl to keep it quiet, Winters allegedly said it would never happen again.

-- Kristin M. Kraemer: 582-1531;; Twitter: @KristinMKraemer

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