Election letter: Kennewick council: Parks

September 29, 2013 

Bob Parks has been Kennewicks' incumbent councilman at large since 2001. He is a Tri-City native, which makes him very cognizant of local community issues. He is a Navy veteran and NRA member. Bob is accountable for his decisions and easily assessible to his constituents.

The Tri-City Herald editoral board wrote on Oct. 13, 2009 that Bob's "allegiance to the city and its residents is beyond question. More importantly, Parks is sometimes the lone voice of dissent on the council. His record reveals him to be more fiscally conservative than other council members. He's shown a commitment to open government and public participation in the decisions affecting the city. He doesn't hesitate to reach out to critics to learn more about their concerns. Parks appears ready and committed to continue serving."

Bob Parks' opponent in this year's election is the former incumbent from Ward 3, which makes for an awkward campaign and election process. However, basing one's vote on experience - Bob wins hands down. Vote yes that Bob Parks continues to serve Kennewick in the at-large position.


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