Letter: KGH board -- Briggs

September 27, 2013 

Wanda Briggs has all the qualities critically important for the job of Kennewick General Hospital commissioner: Vision and everything it takes to convert vision to reality; experience and a wonderful track record of achievement to go with it; tenacity, because accomplishing stretch goals is never easy; intelligence, because running a multi-million dollar organization requires the ability to convert complex and often contradictory information to actionable knowledge; commitment and hard work to do "whatever it takes" legally and ethically to get the job done; leadership and the ability to be a team player catalyzing terms to consensus, overcoming stagnation and inaction; honesty and integrity beyond reproach that is contagious and earns the confidence and trust of everyone with whom she represents and interfaces.

In addition, Wanda is a caring, loving person who cares deeply for our community and has always strived to make the Tri-Cities a better place to live.

These are the reasons why we will vote to re-elect Wanda Briggs.


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