Letter: A preserve in peril

September 27, 2013 

I showed up.

I acted.

I made a difference.

The chance to stand up, act and make a difference is all around us, if we choose to look. We can create a small but significant legacy every day -- at work, with our children and families and with our surroundings.

A perfect example is Amon Preserve, which is truly a local treasure, struggling to survive the encroachments of humans and development. The area is teaming with bird life, turtles, beaver, coyotes, badgers, rabbits and other native wildlife. Each day is unique in Amon Basin, but all days are surprising and worthy.

Now the Preserve is in peril. Hayden Homes plans to build 460 housing units directly along its boundaries. The intrusion already started with large earth-moving equipment slogging the paths to conduct soils tests.

Please contact the Richland Planning Department and the Richland City Council to voice your objections to this destruction. Watch the city's website for announcements of upcoming hearings concerning the development by Hayden Homes. Join Tapteal Greenway and give it your support. Like its Facebook page. Write a letter. Attend a meeting and get your voice heard.

Show Up.


Make a Difference.

HEIDI EDEN, Kennewick

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