Charity races Saturday at Tri-City Raceway

September 26, 2013 

A new event, called Driving for Charity, will be held at 9 a.m. Saturday at Tri-City Raceway.

The event, the brainchild of Tri-Citian Mike Denslow — who is the Tri-City Water Follies president — will have eight participants who have purchased cars for under $1,500.

They will be competing in four Top Gear-style challenges throughout the day, scoring points as they go.

Each participant will have a charity that attending fans can donate to.

“It’s an event just to get people to think about giving,” said Denslow.

Among those charities some of the teams are giving to is Wounded Warriors, the Red Cross, and the Boys and Girls Club.

“One guy bought a hearse,” said Denslow. “He’s going to donate it after the event to Camp Patriot, and then it’s going to be entered in a demolition derby.”

Each contestant will run through four challenges, accumulating points throughout the day. At the end of the day, the top contestant will earn a trophy.

All of the cars will be donated to charity as well.

Denslow said people wanting to watch need to bring chairs, and he’s planning to have a food vendor there. Admission is free.

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