Letter: Vote for Ryckman, Lancon, Leggett and Toombs on Pasco ballots

September 26, 2013 

The challengers for Port of Pasco, Pasco School Board and Franklin County Fire District positions have something in common. As far as I can tell, none of them has served on committees or attended study sessions, few have even observed meetings of their respective district boards. Desire is not enough, where is their commitment?

It is hard to get excited about replacing incumbents with people who show such little interest, preparation or respect for the important work being done by the current elected officials. I welcome change and new ideas but if you are too busy running for the office to take sincere interest in the responsibilities of office, you are not ready to serve in the office.

I ask you to join me in marking your ballot for Jean Ryckman for Port of Pasco, Sherry Lancon, Bill Leggett and Darrell Toombs for Pasco School Board and Ronald Shuck for Franklin County Fire Commissioner. They have proved that they can and will do the work we have entrusted to them and do it well. They have earned your vote.


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