Letter: Amon Basin Preserve unique community asset

September 26, 2013 

We chose to retire in Richland for what we felt to be its many positive attributes. One of the places we enjoy most is the Amon Preserve in south Richland. I was dismayed to hear about the proposed Beer Falls development in the area.

The Amon Preserve is a unique place, incorporating shrub steppe and riparian habitats. I have enjoyed the privilege of spending time there and have observed the tremendous variety of plants, animals and birds. Once removed or displaced, it will take years to restore the diversity of inhabitants in this fragile area.

The preserve is used and enjoyed by the area's citizens, including school groups, scouts and others. Many volunteer hours have been spent making it what it is today. Effort must be made to preserve the area for future generations.

It would be wonderful if this housing development was not allowed to go forward. However, if it is allowed to proceed, as a citizen of Richland, I believe I have a right to expect that requirements will include adhering to established city, state and federal rules and regulations and with respect for minimizing damage to the environment. Mitigation measures must be realistic and achievable.


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