Letter: Delay the Affordable Care Act

September 26, 2013 

The Affordable Care Act is a black box with boiler plate language rendering it impenetrable by a bunker buster.

When faced with the indecipherable, we defer to experts who can only disagree among themselves until they are red in the face. They speak to the ACA with meaningless generalities. It's like a joke told in a foreign language; you can't get it and never will. However, one truth was found in the ACA form letter: My wife and I can't have a family policy any more, and our cost will not be affordable.

Today, her policy share is $318 a month; about $3,800 annually. In three months, the same insurance will cost us $658 a month, more than double to $8,000 annually. The joke is on us. I'm supposed to pay a new $4,000 annual federal tax. All that's changed is ACA implementation. ACA is federal law that imposes a disguised new method of income redistribution tax consistent with the Supreme Court's ruling that fees collected from ACA non-participants is a federal tax. Those Republican reprobates we all love to hate need our support to delay ACA implementation until it is truly affordable. Write to your elected officials. Demand delay.


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