Letter: Global warming isn't happening

September 25, 2013 

Eric Greenwell (Letters, Sept. 1) states that global warming is real and is driven by man according to the view of more than 97 percent of climate experts, major scientific organizations and the Academies of Science.

I'm sure every individual view is entirely based upon the latest information available to him or her and not any desire to continue to obtain research money for job security or even to fill their pockets with cash.

It's comforting to know that we can always trust in a majority decision to be the absolute truth. I'm no longer concerned about the planet becoming too cool to sustain life.

The majority scientific view of the 1970s was that global cooling was real and we were headed for another ice age. But we can trust in the majority view, can't we?

A friend of mine once remarked that, "Time is always on the side of truth." Well, time has arrived and so has the truth! There hasn't been any global warming for 16 years! That is the truth! Perhaps we are heading for a cooling cycle.

Maybe these "experts" needed more information before forming a view.


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