Letter: Ineffective leaders unable to run federal government

September 25, 2013 

We are entering yet another season of foolishness and gamesmanship between Congress and the president. Congress is threatening to shut down our country by refusing to raise the debt ceiling while the president is simply complaining about Congress instead of rolling up his sleeves and actually working with Congress. This president can talk about it but does not know how to lead.

Our country has serious financial problems with the national debt that must be addressed before it is too late. The Simpson-Bowles commission generated excellent recommendations for how to fix spending problems, however these fixes were completely ignored by Congress and the president. According to The Kiplinger Letter, the Medicare trust fund will be exhausted in 2026 and the Social Security trust fund will be zero in 2033. Our children and grandchildren deserve much better.

Sadly, we are the people who voted to send these ineffective people to govern our great country. I urge everyone to let your representatives know how you feel about this.


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