Letter: Senate immigration reform plan lacks sense

September 24, 2013 

The Sept. 1 In Focus column by Judy Olson, state executive director fore the USDA Farm Service Agency, provided some surprises along with my morning cereal. I was told repeatedly how "commonsense" the Senate Gang of 8 immigration bill is. I find it neither common nor sensical.

It supposedly puts in place "the toughest border security plan that America has ever seen," and yet the bill allows the head of Homeland Security to decide if the border needs further securing. I'd rather take my chances playing poker blindfolded with a band of thieves than to trust Napolitano to secure the border. The article also states that eliminating immigrant labor in Washington would cost more than $300 million in lost productivity, as though the immigrants would vanish if the bill isn't passed.

A serious and underreported problem is the large amount of drugs and sex trafficking that accompanies illegal immigration, as testified by a number of border patrol personnel.

Finally, if anyone doesn't think the administration's primary motive is to create 11 million new predominately Democratic voters, then you haven't been watching them closely enough. And I say this as someone who has a few bones to pick with the Republicans right now. The column seemed "focused" on Washington agriculture instead of what's good for the country.

JEFF MARSHALL, West Richland

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