Letter: Impressed with animal control despite false accusations about Emma

September 23, 2013 

We received a visit from animal control. Someone called in a complaint that a dachshund was running around the neighborhood, doing its business in other yards. The person then said the dachshund resided at our address.

We were shocked. Yes, we do have a mini wired-haired dachshund. Our backyard, where our dog plays, is completely surrounded with a six-foot fence and all gates are securely locked. She never has gotten out. She always is left in the house when we are away from home.

The visit was very stressful because we are responsible pet owners and would never let our dog do anything like our Emma was being accused of. We had to show her shot records along with registration, etc. She also had to have her picture taken (mug shot?).

Several dogs routinely roam around our neighborhood. We occasionally have seen a Dachshund, however, this is not our Emma.

We do thank the Animal Control person. He was very nice.


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