Letter: Kadlec's expansion into Kennewick territory designed to hurt KGH

September 22, 2013 

During the past few years, Kadlec Regional Medical Center has tried everything possible to keep Kennewick General Hospital from getting permission and funding to replace a building that is more than 60 years old. Kadlec's rationale was that Kennewick did not need and could not support a new modern hospital.

Kadlec succeeded in limiting the size of the new building and Kadlec supporters helped defeat the bond issue to finance the building itself. KGH has now obtained private funding and the construction of the new building is well under way.

It now seems that Kadlec has a plan to surround the new hospital with clinics and an emergency room to siphon off every patient it can. It is doing everything it can to help KGH fail.

One would think that the new six-story addition to Kadlec would have taken care of its needs for a while. However, it is building new and remodeling several buildings. It already has bought property to build another facility in southwest Kennewick. If Kennewick did not need new medical facilities -- what is Kadlec doing?

Kadlec is encroaching into an area where it is not needed and not wanted by a majority of the people in Kennewick. We are well served by KGH and we are anxiously awaiting the opening of the new building.

GARY CLARK, Kennewick

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