Fast Focus: 'What can be done to prevent domestic violence?' Educate yourself

September 22, 2013 

I would like to thank Tamera Squire of La Verde Apartments for the sensitive and thoughtful letter sent to tenants following the horrific murder of Rebeca Vandeventer. I encourage everyone to follow her advise to educate yourself about domestic violence and resources available in our community.

We know that people turn to their friends and family for help and support before they turn to an agency such as a domestic violence program or law enforcement. So you may actually be the "first responder" for someone living in or trying to leave a scary relationship.

What people need most in order to be safe is a good support system and access to resources and options that will help them be successful. Anyone is welcome to call our crisis-line at 582-9841 or visit our website,, to find out what they can say or do to help someone struggling with their relationship. We offer support and services including support groups, housing advocacy, legal advocacy, safety planning and emergency shelter services.

Domestic violence is a complex issue with no simple solutions but it's easy for all of us to do something.

-- ERINN GAILEY, Domestic Violence Services of Benton & Franklin Counties

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