Kevin Anthony's second review of Ultimate Fighter

Tri-City HeraldSeptember 19, 2013 

Note: This is the second in a weekly series reviewing the TV show The Ultimate Fighter, which is broadcast at 7 p.m. Wednesday’s on FS1. Chiawana wrestling coach Jack Anderson is a coach on the show and will provide insights into the episode as well as a glimpse of what’s to come next week.

Plot points: Three things take up the bulk of the pre-fight time, and the first is the buildup to Chris Beal of Team Ronda Rousey taking on Chris Holdsworth of Team Miesha Tate. Beal, a striker, is fighting with a bum hand but is determined to duke it out.

The second is a crack in Team Tate, as several members think there is a rat in their ranks revealing matchup info to the Rousey fighters. And they are pointing the finger right at last week’s winner, Julianna Peña.

Why Peña? As teammate Louis Fisette put it: “She’s got a huge, guilty look on her face. She’s got guilty spelled right across her forehead.”

The third plot line is a brouhaha — maybe a brew-ha-ha? — between the coaches in a lounge at the cushy Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa.

What happens when you mix alcohol into a mix of fighters who hate each other? Pretty much what you expect.

As Rousey bellies up to the bar, she crowds a little too close to Tate’s fellow coach and boyfriend, Bryan Caraway. Tate delivers a message: stay away from my man. Barbs are traded, and Tate delivers a major dis to the arm-bar specialist — “You don’t even know how to throw punches.”

Oh no she di-int!?

Rousey calls her coach over, Edmond Tarverdyan, and the tension and insults escalate.

“It was the most beautiful place, such a great opportunity for us to watch a fight (on TV),” Anderson said. “Man, it was probably the most uncomfortable situation I’ve ever been in in my life.

“They were yelling at us the whole night.”

Anderson quotient: Not much in this one, just a quick shot in as the episode opens as he and the rest of the Tate coaches head to the house, and one more 11 minutes in when he is working on takedowns with one of the fighters — something Chiawana wrestlers have seen a million times.

Apparently, the Rousey coaches made a beef over how many Tate coaches were in the bleachers during fights, so half of them were banished out of frame, including Anderson. Look for more screen time next week, though.

Jack says: “The thing I’ve found most interesting is the one-on-ones with the fighters, their personal lives and experiences. Chris Beal, the other team’s guy, I didn’t get a lot of interaction with him. It was really cool. Even Chris Holdsworth doesn’t express that stuff to me. As a coach, you get to see those kids in a whole different light, which I really like.”

Quote of the week: “I’m a cold, calculating, confident (bleep) when I’m in that cage. That’s a lot of ‘C’s, but it’s true.” — Rousey.

Fight night: Turns out, Holdsworth had some injuries of his own, he just didn’t talk about them. But everyone is talking about the right hand he delivered to Beal’s face to drop him on his butt, opening the door for a finishing guillotine choke. Team Tate takes a 2-0 lead.

Miesha Moment: “I love you girl. I know it wasn’t your fault you had to be on Team Rousey.” — talking to last week’s loser, Shayna Baszler.

Ronda Rant: “She’s a legit fighter, man. I respect her as a fighter. She’s an athlete. She throws down, man. She has (guts). But I don’t feel the least bit sorry for breaking her arm in half. Girl had it coming.” — expressing her dislike of Tate.

Looking ahead: Team Tate’s Roxanne Modafferi takes on Team Rousey’s Jessica Rakoczy. Rakoczy looks exactly like you would expect for a woman who beats up other people of a living. But Modafferi looks like someone’s goofy kid sister.

“I was surprised how good she is as a fighter,” Anderson said of Modafferi, aka The Happy Warrior, who is known to be a martial arts expert. “She’s very unassuming, but you get on the mat with her and she’s a beast.”

Also, expect more on the “angry, belligerent coach” front.

“It gets worse,” Anderson said. “Believe me.”

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