Letter: Flat Top nonissue

September 18, 2013 

The West Richland residents who are distributing fliers and posting signs claiming that Top Park is in danger of being demolished should be ashamed of themselves.

Many of these individuals live near an undeveloped, vacant parcel of land that is near the park. When a recent city council decision to rezone that land from residential to commercial went against their wishes, the tactic they chose to fight that decision was to spread rumors about Flat Top's demise and encourage voters to elect their candidate as the city's next mayor.

I have to admit that I was pretty angry when I read the fliers distributed by this group. I called city hall to find out that there is no plan to do anything with the park. Then I called a number on one of the signs and heard, "Well, rezoning the park could happen."

Using this logic, the moon could fall out of the sky and the oceans could dry up. But elections shouldn't be decided by things that "could happen." They should be decided by candidates' stances on issues; not on rumors and scare tactics.

Let's debate the real issues. Rezoning Flat top is a nonissue.


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