3 Hanford DOE execs switch jobs

September 18, 2013 

— Three Department of Energy executives are switching jobs at Hanford as part of a program to develop leadership.

Jonathan “JD” Dowell will become the DOE Office of River Protection deputy manager.

His present position as DOE Richland Operations Office assistant manager for the river and plateau will be filled by Ray Corey.

Corey now is the Richland Operations Office assistant manager for safety and environment.

Stacy Charboneau will move to that position. She now is the Office of River Protection deputy manager, the job that now will be held by Dowell.

Matt McCormick, manager of the Richland Operations Office, and Kevin Smith, manager of the Office of River Protection, announced the changes Wednesday in a joint memo to staff.

They are effective Oct. 7.

The rotation will expand the breadth and depth of capabilities, experience and skills within the senior executive service program at the two DOE Hanford offices, the memo said.

The Office of River protection is responsible for Hanford’s 56 million gallons of radioactive waste held in underground tanks and the vitrification plant being built to treat that waste for responsible.

The Richland Operations Office is responsible for all other environmental cleanup and operations at Hanford.

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