Letter: Obama needs to find alternative to attacking Syria

September 17, 2013 

President Obama needs to find a different way to deal with Syria. Launching an unprovoked attack, which I believe would be disastrous, is nothing short of an act of war. Rejecting Obama's request to attack by the Congress and Senate would lose U.S. credibility around the world.

We could work through Russia. There are some things we can do that could pressure President Putin into reining in Syria, such as boycotting their Winter Olympics or putting anti-missile sites in Poland. Syria is not such an important client that President Putin would want the embarrassment of a failed Olympics or let Russia get surrounded with our military resources.

President Obama also could take a page out of President Reagan's playbook and go to a Syrian refugee camp in Turkey and demand that President Assad stop murdering his own people. It would demonstrate leadership that the United States still maintains.

On the other hand, if the Congress and Senate do confirm the president's request to attack, then I hope that they would also create a new tax to pay for this and not make our national debt any worse.


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