Letter: It's getting tougher to make sense out of the news

September 17, 2013 

I need input on two important questions from this 83-year-old (but not senile) man.

First, on the front page of the Aug. 16 Herald, under the headline "U.S. cancels exercise with Egypt," it states that we give them $1.3 billion in aid. Then on the front page on Aug. 22, under the headline "Feds running out of wildfire money," it indicates the government is willing to let the precious timber resource burn, plus some homes -- but we can give Egypt $1.3 billion?

Secondly, also in the Aug. 22 paper, a Richland man is accused in an identity theft case, pleaded innocent in Benton Country Superior Court and given an Oct. 14 trial date. Yet the last paragraph of this article states he admitted to all of the charges.

We read at least once a month about our judicial system being short of money, yet an admitting-to-guilt person is given a trial date, and will be provided a court-appointed attorney if he can't afford his own.

L. DALE SAMS, Kennewick

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