Letter: Handicapped parking abuse rampant in Valley

September 17, 2013 

Regarding the Sept. 7 article on the abuse of disabled parking placards.

My wife is an amputee, thus qualifying for the permit allowing use of these reserved parking places. We have watched several times placards being used by kids, wives and other able-bodied people to park in these locations. They obviously do not have the permit required but are never questioned.

A carload of kids park in a space signed for permit holders, hang the placard on the mirror and run into the store. We have watched this at Safeway in Grandview and Walmart in Sunnyside and it would appear that about 50 percent of the parking in these areas is being misused.

Questioning of the store manager gets the answer, "They are customers." I guess that handicapped persons are not? Some managers are openly disturbed that they are required to have these spaces available. Question the kids, "Dad has this placard and lets us use it." Police presence? Never. Store security? Never. Permit check? Never.

Who is responsible to police these areas? Obviously they are not being watched.


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