Election letter: KGH board for Briggs

September 17, 2013 

Commissioner Wanda Briggs' efforts over the last dozen years is one of the reasons that Kennewick General Hospital is now succeeding in constructing a new hospital at Southridge and, shortly, adding a new medical office building to serve outpatients and house the growing Kennewick Physicians Clinic.

Her time as a commissioner has seen KGH provide more specialized physician services at patient-convenient locations as the KGH footprint spreads throughout the community.

Quality, cost and delivery of health care are key subjects of hospital management as the Affordable Health Care Act is implemented. Wanda is up to the task of guiding and managing KGH through this transition.

She has served in all officer positions on the board and has served as chair of all the board committees.

Her background in newspaper reporting has been a welcome support to KGH. Of all the boards' needs -- finance, legal, HR, understanding of health care management and physician relations -- community relations and the ability and know the community at large is one of the most important capabilities of a public board.

As a KGH board member myself, I know Wanda brings that to the board. And besides that, she is a tireless worker -- a prerequisite for any public agency commissioner. Commissioner Briggs needs to be re-elected.


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