Election letter: Approve Pasco Propositions 1 and 2

September 17, 2013 

Thank you Pasco city residents who provided 3,680 signatures for the petitions circulated this spring and summer supporting propositions 1 and 2. This November, Pasco city residents will have a chance to change the form of government from a city manager (chosen by four council members) to a mayor (elected by all city residents). Many did not know the Pasco city government is managed by a municipal employee as city manager with no term limit or contractual obligations.

Secondly, only a misguided city council following the lead of a power-hungry city manager would take it upon itself to require people to forfeit their right to vote for or against annexation in order to receive water. In effect holding thousands of parcels of land hostage in an unincorporated part of Franklin County where many have private wells and have farmed for decades. Then annex it without their consent and against the wishes of people who live there. Why? To prevent those residents from voting on how they want to be governed.

A government for and by the people should not allow this type of coercion by its government officials. Thank you again for your support on propositions 1 and 2.


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