Letter: Some proposals for Washington's move to legalized marijuana

September 15, 2013 

In a recent article, the Washington Dope Department announced that they had recommendations from a pot expert from UCLA (Universal Campus of Lawn Art) that included a solution for the disagreement between the feds and Dope department on legal use of cannabis.

The expert recommended that the Dope Department convince the feds to "look the other way" in Washington and Colorado. I think the feds would be happy to take that attitude on liquor, tobacco, firearms and tax evasion as well.

If the Dope Department followed my recommendations and replaced minor crops such as wheat, asparagus and corn with cannabis, there would be no market for clandestine growth. Some growers could be licensed for "U-Pick and Smoke" operations. Instead of organic cannabis, pot fly-free could be marketed with stickers on each packet, claiming "This cannabis proudly grown in Washington state." Can you imagine driving out Road 68 to the lovely fragrance of cannabis drying in the wind?

How better to welcome visitors to Washington? Convenience stores and service stations could be replaced by Cannabis-2-Go marts. The possibilities are mindless (or endless).

MIKE MEHREN, Hermiston

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