In Focus: Should the identities of Level 1 sex offenders be published? Don't overkill

September 15, 2013 

In my opinion it would be a gross overkill and overreaction to publish the names and addresses of the Level 1 sex offenders. I'm sure they are more embarrassed than we can imagine so heaping more shame on them would be unchristian, unwarranted and unnecessary.

These people have to have someplace to live and they should be allowed to live in peace if they behave themselves. However, some common-sense precautions would probably be wise, such as quietly notifying any neighbors with children to be particularly vigilant and report any unusual events.

I would also severely warn the Level 1 offender that he would be a prime suspect for any sex crime in the neighborhood and if arrested and convicted he could expect twice the normal penalty.

Occasionally talking to the offender by a social worker or the police would be in order to see how he feels and how he is handling his affliction.


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