Ultimate replay: Anderson helps review TV show

September 12, 2013 

Note: This is the first in a weekly series reviewing the TV show The Ultimate Fighter, which is broadcast at 7 p.m. Wednesdays on FS1. Chiawana wrestling coach Jack Anderson is a coach on the show and will provide insights into the episode as well as a glimpse of what’s to come next week.

Plot points: The fighters for Team Miesha Tate and Team Ronda Rousey get their first look at The Ultimate Fighter house, and it is evident from the start that the women will bring a touch of class to the show.

They are polite — “Would you mind if I put my supplements on this dresser since we’re already sharing a night stand,” asked Rousey teammate Peggy Morgan, holding a gallon jug under her arm.

They are personal — Julianna Peña talked about how her family has helped her, that she is the youngest of four brothers and sisters and “they wailed on me pretty good.”

And they care about grooming — “You guys want to know what the worst part of fighting is?” Shayna Baszler asked the night before she fought Peña. “Getting my corn rows in. I’m a baby. Just as long as it stays for about 24 hours. Oh, it also has to survive whuppin’ someone’s (butt).”

Anderson quotient: Not high in this, the second episode of the show this season but the first where Anderson has joined Team Tate.

Anderson, who said he had only just arrived in Las Vegas a day earlier, is first spotted 28 minutes into the hour-long show sitting sedately in the middle of Team Tate during weigh-in. His best screen time comes 9 minutes later during Peña’s entrance for the fight, his face clear as day. He also gets screen time at the end of the show during (spoiler alert) Peña’s celebration.

Jack says: (My wife) loves it. My friends and family, even those that don’t like MMA. My Mom doesn’t like it, and now she’s texting me.

Quote of the week: “Do you normally put cards in your opponents’ boobs?” — Baszler, aka the Queen of Spades, is asked by a teammate after she tucked the card into Peña’s sports bra during weigh in.

Fight night: Baszler on Team Rousey is heavily favored and heavily arrogant about taking on the less-experienced Peña. Baszler dominates the first round on the mat, but Peña lands several punches and knees to the face in the second. Bloodied, Baszler goes down to the mat and is forced to tap out when Peña gets her in a rear naked choke.

In the end, the Queen of Spades was clubbed, hard.

Miesha Moment: The thing I love about Julie is she has an incredibly big heart. And she went out there in the second round and pretty much dominated the fight.

Ronda Rant: I just want them to get used to us (bleep) (bleeping) them around. I know it’s rude, but like, psychologically, you have to be like, ‘You move when we tell you to, and we never have to move for you.’ ”

Looking ahead: Next week’s episode adds a little alcohol into the volatile mix as Rousey’s coaches start jawing at the Tate crew in a lounge. “You’ll see some drama with the coaches,” Anderson said, noting it was not easy keeping his cool during the tirade. “They said some rude things.”

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