Gemini Syndrome opening at Toyota Center concert

Dori O'Neal, Tri-City HeraldSeptember 12, 2013 

Los Angeles-based Gemini Syndrome opens for Five Finger Death Punch on Sept. 20 at Toyota Center in Kennewick.


Aaron Nordstrom is the far-out, wacky frontman for the heavy metal rock band Gemini Syndrome.

But there's more to this albino, tattoo-covered musician than meets the eye.

Nordstrom, 31, is a classically-trained musician who loves jazz and gospel music as much as the screaming sounds of metal on metal.

He's also a student of philosophy, religion, martial arts, semantics, psychology and all things beautiful, he told the Herald in a phone interview.

"So often it's a struggle to stay positive about life," Nordstrom said. "But it's important to me to find that place that provides some peace, and those topics are what keep me interested and positive in all aspects of life.

"After all, even though life can be f***ed up, it doesn't have to be."

Nordstrom's band Gemini Syndrome will open the Five Finger Death Punch concert Sept. 20 at Toyota Center in Kennewick. Showtime is 7:30 p.m. Cost is $35.

Nordstrom, who is not related to the famous Nordstrom department store family, has been into music since he was 3 years old.

"My mom had a big influence on me," he said. "She was singer who sang jazz, gospel and big band music."

He's also been a student of martial arts for 20 years, embracing the eastern ideology that even though he has skills that can maim or even kill, he keeps a Zen philosophy about it.

And his curiosity into semantics is triggered by musical language, he said.

"Music truly is a language to me, and gives me the opportunity to express myself and what I believe in or observe in life," he said.

Nordstrom has no qualms about calling heavy metal music screaming music, because that's what it is, he said.

"But know this," he said. "Screaming music is not always angry music. The Zen of screaming is a technique in using your voice to scream in a certain way."

He trains with a New York music teacher, so his screaming vocals won't damage his vocal chords too soon.

"I do give my voice a rest. Sometimes I won't talk during the day before a show," Nordstrom said. "I like to talk with fans after shows and have discovered that's harder on my voice than the singing."

The result is a powerful vocal range that many critics call "intimidating and fierce."

The rest of the Gemini Syndrome team is Rich Juzwick and Mike Salerno on guitars, bassist Alessandro Paveri and drummer Brian Steele Medina.

The quintet of rockers, based out of Los Angeles, has been together since 2010. Their latest album, Lux, was released on the Warner Bros. Records label.

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