Initiative 522: No

September 10, 2013 

Genetic engineering and biotechnology have been going on for years. Luther Burbank developed the Russet Burbank potato from complex cross pollinations. Orville Vogel, Washington State University wheat breeder shared his germplasm with Norman Borlaug, who developed high yielding wheat varieties that he introduced to India and Pakistan to reduce starvation and famine. This became known as "The Green Revolution" and Borlaug received the 1970 Nobel Peace Prize.

Gala apples were developed in New Zealand by crossing golden delicious with Kidd's orange red. Honeycrisp are a hybrid cross out of the University of Minnesota. Most of the steaks we throw on the grill are from cross-bred beef. Don't be fooled into thinking that genetic engineering is bad and that a costly new set of food labeling requirements is needed.

Washington farmers, food processors, retailers and consumers would be hurt by more government regulation. Agriculture is vital to the economy. This measure would put Washington at a competitive disadvantage with all other states. The increased cost associated with Initiative 522 would be passed down to consumers at the grocery store. We don't need higher grocery bills. I-522 is a bad deal for Washington voters. Vote no on 522.


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