Letter: Federal sequestration threatens Meals on Wheels

September 10, 2013 

As a member of the Benton and Franklin County Aging and Long-Term Care Advisory Board, I would like to share a serious sequestration reality with Herald readers. With continued cuts and draw downs to the federal budget because of sequestration, when Oct. 1 arrives, the beginning of the new federal fiscal year, there will be a funding shortfall for our local Meals on Wheels and the home cooked meals programs. For our seniors using these essential services, it is often the only hot meal they have.

There is a critical need to restore funding for these programs and help Mid-Columbia seniors until the money is restored. We can't do nothing when we can do something.

Please contact your elected officials right away and tell them federal money is needed.

Consider making a donation to the local senior center meals program. If your business or organization typically donates to a local worthy cause at some point during the year, consider making the donation to help continue needed meals and nutrition for our seniors and elders.

Your help is very needed.


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