Witness to Kennewick fatal shooting says he was trying to save woman

Tri-City HeraldSeptember 9, 2013 

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Ann Krebs took the stand Monday in the murder trial of her former boyfriend Grant Scantling. He's accused of breaking into her home in March and killing her roommate and threatening Krebs with a gun. The trial started last week.

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— An eyewitness to a March fatal shooting in Kennewick said he was trying to save a woman from being beaten, only to have his friend shot and killed.

Michael Billado told jurors Monday that he got his friend, Franklin Palmer, out of bed the morning of March 22 because he wanted help after seeing an intruder inside the house.

Billado said he then turned around and realized it was Grant Scantling who was on top of Ann Marie Krebs, yelling and hitting her while saying, “This wouldn’t have happened if you’d let me see my kids.”

The Pasco man who’d been staying on the couch in Krebs’ East Eighth Place home said after he took a half step into the bedroom and asked Scantling what he was doing, Scantling jumped off the bed, cocked back his pistol and said “F--- you” to both Billado and Palmer as he fired one shot.

Scantling, 42, is on trial for Palmer’s death.

He is charged in Benton County Superior Court with aggravated first-degree murder and first-degree burglary.

Billado previously told Kennewick detectives he wouldn’t testify in Scantling’s trial, so he was held in jail last month on a material witness warrant after an unrelated arrest for shoplifting. He was released from jail after giving a deposition in court.

On Monday, Billado was driven to court by his mother and returned after lunch when his testimony went into the afternoon.

Billado said Scantling was three feet away facing him when he saw a flash from the barrel and ducked. He ran down the hall and out the front door, and thought Palmer was right behind him as he heard two more shots.

Billado further told jurors it was only after he got out of the house that he realized Palmer wasn’t with him. He made a quick call to 911, only giving the address and that an ambulance was needed.

He said he was trying to process what had just happened and where he was going to go when Scantling left the house, drove down the street in a Jeep Cherokee and yelled to Billado — standing about three homes down — “That’s what happens when you f--- with someone’s wife.”

Billado claims Scantling then let off another shot, though he doesn’t know if it was directed at him or just into the air.

Scantling and Krebs had two kids together and had been engaged until November. Krebs had plans to move with the kids, and an older child, to Michigan.

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