Letter: Food bank burglars should think about who they are hurting

September 8, 2013 

It is disgraceful that some punks burglarized the Tri-Cities Food Bank in Richland. What kind of moronic masterminds break into a place that has limited income sources, outdated computers and a volunteer staff?

I hope these punks feel guilty because they had to close the food bank for the day, turning many away empty handed. Now some punks possess a database of the citizen's addresses and phone numbers, but that is all!

They failed to take away the hunger of those who lined up outside the next morning. They failed to break the spirit of the volunteers as well. They failed miserably at integrity, but I have a solution:

The penalty for selfishness needs to be a stiff sentenced of one year of community service, handing out food to those they so thoughtlessly deprived. During that time, I hope they take a long, hard look at the faces of the hungry! They are your neighbors and possibly your friends.


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