Fast Focus: Do you support the cities' pot moratoriums? Leaders must follow people's will

September 8, 2013 

I am writing as a candidate for the Richland City Council who attended the local council meetings which banned medical marijuana in our area. I've also watched as the local agenda superseded the will of the voters -- the people represented by the councils aren't following the attorney general's recent statement, and want to sabotage our budding marijuana industry. I-502 was killed last recently, while we slept, and the councils slipped around our agenda and avoided votes on the issue. I'm tired of watching the cronyism, violation of common sense, and murder of the voters' will demonstrated by our council members on this issue.

Local help will come from afar -- as the world is watching us, our progress. Politicians who give a damn about I-502 must be mad as hell, as so many had to come "out of the closet" and worked hard to listen to us voters, where we are omitted from Washington's plans, currently.

I'm deeply saddened, and am running on this issue. Initiative 502 must come to fruition, and our councils must first be voted out before changes for the better will come. Thank you for your time.

-- ERIC KALIA, Richland

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