Fast Focus: Do you support the cities' pot moratoriums? Waiting for federal approval

September 8, 2013 

I was one of those who voted to not legalize marijuana.

However, I think that since the majority voted to allow it, then it should wait until the federal government catches up, or at the very least the feds give the ok to allow it in the state with no repercussion.

The way it is now, it puts too many people in a too-precarious situation. I can just see people opening a brick and mortar store and at the whim of the federal government authorities shut it down and the owner loses everything. Federal law trumps state law.

If I was a store owner, I would want safeguards in place first.

Marijuana costs all states a lot of money with legal costs to prosecute and offenders jail time every year, however, I still stand on the side of no drugs -- no matter what kind they are.

-- HELEN NEWMAN, Kennewick

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