Fast Focus: Do you support the cities' pot moratoriums? Respecting others' rights

September 8, 2013 

Yes, I will support the city's moratorium on marijuana.

Not, because I consider it dangerous. Most people I've seen "high" have been very easy going. I've never heard of (or seen) anyone getting high and violent ... of "beating the wife, or kids," as so often is the case with alcohol. "Getting stupid" is another matter, and not against the law.

Not, because there's been any consistent harmful health effects discovered and verified through repeated tests, and experimentation. I've even met some who get great relief from physical pain (i.e., arthritis)

Not, because I think it is a dirty, stinky, expensive habit, and a waste of time. Although like smoking, I do.

I will support it for the same reason I will respect someone asking me to not smoke, or drink in their house. I do none of the former, and little of the later. I also, expect people to respect my wishes when they come into my house, even if they find them foolish. They can "light-up" after they leave.

It does seem odd that there is such a variance in legal/moral guidance in this. The federal government says "we can't;" Washington state says "we can;" Pasco likely will say that "we can't;" and the personal, moral judgment for some, will say that "we can." Like the last verse in Judges "Every man did that which was right in his own eyes," because they had no King (lawgiver.)

It's also odd that, after 50 years and millions of dollars, people still think we can "win the war on drugs."

-- D. L. (ANDY) ANDERSON, Richland

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