Fast Focus: Do you support the cities' pot moratoriums? Life-saving medication

September 8, 2013 

I want to know why people these days look at medical marijuana as an illegal drug. I have been a medical marijuana patient for more than 10 years because of an illness -- and it about took my life in 2011. If it was not medical marijuana in this period, I would have suffered a lot more than I did already and I would not have been able to hold on until l I got a liver transplant. I would have passed away in pain.

There are many people these days who need this and they don't need stress over it. This is 2013, and it is finally recognized that it does help people medically. Most people who need this medicine cannot afford to pay this money they want for it. So some people need to grow their own and people need to understand this.

I do understand the worry about those who grow illegally and they should be prosecuted for this. Those few who are just against medical marijuana should not cause stress for those who need this drug. Please understand this.

-- JOHN KASKO, West Richland

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