Letter: VA employees shouldn't get bonuses for doing their jobs

September 6, 2013 

I'm dumbfounded! If the news reports are correct, Veterans Affairs' employees received bonuses for doing what they were hired to do.

I love the following statement: "Beth McCoy, the assistant deputy undersecretary for field operations for the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA), said bonuses for claims processors were justified because, even though the number of backlogged claims was rising, workers were processing more claims than ever." Bonuses for doing what they're paid to do? I only wish this was a joke.

I wonder how much good that reported $5.5 million of bonus money would have done for the people who deserved it -- the veterans who put their life and limbs on the line to support us?

What makes this issue even worse is that not a single one of our state's congressional delegation has spoken up to take a stance on this. Why? I guess they must have more important issues than supporting our veterans who allow them to have the very life they currently live?

This is another classic example of "legal corruption" within our government. It's no small wonder why the public has lost faith and no longer has any trust in our elected officials. I guess that's the difference between veterans and our elected officials. At least our veterans have integrity! Too bad I can't say the same for some VA representatives or elected officials.

DAN DECKERT, Benton City

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