Letter: Follow Congress in times of war

September 6, 2013 

The Syrian situation is overwhelmingly complex, but the view prevailing here and abroad seems to be, "Don't do anything stupid or dishonest like the Bush administration in 2003." No matter how the president chooses to proceed, his decision to do something or to do nothing will be vigorously opposed by large constituencies, almost on a nonpartisan basis, but particularly among the Obama haters who always robotically oppose anything he does.

The president may have boxed himself in with his "red line" pronouncement, but he would do best by backing away from that commitment, leaving decisions on how to proceed up to Congress and the United Nations, thus allowing the critics from the usual sources to have their fun until the media, other than Fox News, grows tired of criticizing, sans any sane alternative strategies.

The dominant critique from all sources, domestic and foreign, refer to Iraq as an example of impulsive action that ended in a catastrophic disaster. President Obama may end up with some egg on his face, but a substantial majority here and around the world will applaud his courage for acknowledging a mistake and moving on.

The correct process in war situations is to follow the Congress. Period.


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