Football: Sanchez is Pasco's Iron Man

September 4, 2013 

Woody Allen is credited with the quote “80 percent of life is showing up.”

Pasco High junior Anselmo Sanchez has that part down pat.

Over the past three years, Sanchez has always been there for the Bulldogs and coach Dustin Lamb.

“When I was asked about who to do the article on, the first thing I thought about was the guy who hasn’t missed a workout in three years,” said Lamb.

That’s a lot of workouts, says Lamb.

We’re talking every in-season football practice and game, every weightlifting session in the winter, every spring football practice, and every single day of summer weightlifting.

“He hasn’t missed one,” said Lamb. “I’m sure he hasn’t felt good at times, but we wouldn’t know because he never complains.”

In fact, Sanchez hasn’t felt good at times.

“One time I almost didn’t go because I had my wisdom teeth taken out,” he said. “But I went. It gets me kind of frustrated when guys get little boo-boos and don’t want to work. I’m always thinking that someone is in there working to get ahead of me.”

All that work is paying off for Sanchez, who will get his first varsity start on the offensive line for the Bulldogs, when they play host to West Valley of Yakima at 7 p.m. today at Edgar Brown Stadium.

Lamb absolutely loves the young man.

“He’s earned his way into the starting group,” said Lamb. “He’s been the guy at camp where the coaches say ‘Did you see Anselmo?’ He never complains. He’s become a leader because of his actions.”

Sanchez’s position coach, Lucas Thorne, agrees.

“We never have to ask him to try harder, because he’s always giving 110 percent,” said Thorne. “He’s very versatile. He’s got good feet. And he definitely doesn’t back down from anybody.”

Both Lamb and Thorne have no problem moving the 5-foot-10, 210-pound Sanchez around to any of the five offensive line positions.

“He can play any position on the offensive line,” said Lamb. “He’s a cranial player.”

Sanchez said that almost happened by accident.

“My freshman year I was kind of heavy-set, so they started me at guard,” he said. “My sophomore year I lost weight, so they put me at tackle. Coach Thorne then told me I’m going to have to learn them all. So I have no favorite, as long as I’m in the game.”

Sanchez says he learned his work ethic for football from Lamb, who made an impression on the youngster when the coach talked to him as an eighth grader at McLoughlin Middle School.

He’s become a student of the game, by working at it daily.

Every night before he goes to bed, he watches game film for 15 minutes to study.

Sundays are for watching and studying NFL teams, especially his favorite, the Houston Texans.

Football has become the young man’s love.

“I’ve played baseballl all of my life,” he said. “But I think football is more my sport. In football I get to release a lot of stress from my problems. Having that place I can go and relax, releasing your problems, is great. My friends get frustrated because I dedicate most of my time in football.”

But not all of it.

“What I do in the classroom is what I do on the field,” Sanchez. “I have had at least a 3.0 (grade point average) or higher every quarter.”

Now he wants good grades on the football field.

“Coach Lamb has taught us to set our goals high,” Sanchez said. “So I’m going to say our team goal is to make the playoffs. Personally, I want to be recognized for my play. The thing I like about our skill guys is they give us (linemen a) lot of credit.”

Either way, Anselmo Sanchez isn’t going to change his ways.

He’ll still give 110 percent in what he’s doing.

And he’ll definitely show up for work every day.

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