Letter -- State Senate: Seahawks

September 4, 2013 

A look at the campaign war chests for the 8th Legislative District show Sharon Brown has received donations totaling $60,000 -- 83 percent of it from businesses and political action committees, a third of which comes from out-of-state businesses like Walmart, BNSF Railroad, BP, etc., and 17 percent from individuals, a fourth of which comes from folks not even in her district.

Phil Lemley has received $17,000 -- 29 percent from a self-financed loan, 66 percent from organized Labor and a mere 6 percent from individuals in the district.

What a choice! One Republican bought and paid for by business interests. And the other Republican, encouraged via "trusting contributions" from organized Labor. My suggestion? Cancel the forums on this race, and let's watch football, where we hope there's more competition.


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