Fever re-signs Shackleford to 1-year deal with option for 2015

September 3, 2013 

Adam Shackleford was unemployed for two days this past weekend.

Shackleford’s contract with the Tri-Cities Fever ended on Aug. 31 — Saturday.

But he signed a new deal on Tuesday to coach the Fever for the upcoming season, with an option for a second season that he can activate or not.

“It was just a matter of after this year I’m going to take a look at where we’re at, and basically decide if this is something long-term or not,” said Shackleford. “This is certainly where I want to be.”

But if someone from a bigger league comes courting him after next season, he can opt out.

And that’s OK with Teri Carr.

While she would like Shackleford to stay forever, if he did leave, there would be plenty of new coaches wanting to step in — namely because Tri-Cities is a strong franchise.

“Even though Shack was coaching here back in June, I was getting several coaching resumes back then,” Carr said. “There are fewer and fewer coaching jobs out there.”

But Shackleford has no plans now to go anywhere else.

“For me, it’s always about where you’re comfortable,” he said. “Does my phone not ring sometimes because people know I like it here? Yes. I’ve made it clear I’m happy where I am and working for the Carrs.”

So Shackleford will begin his fifth season with the Fever in 2014.

In his four seasons with the team, Shackleford has led the Fever to an 85-28 record and two appearances in the league championship game, in 2011 and 2012.

His long-time assistant, Cleveland Pratt, is set to return with him in 2014.

“And we will hire one more assistant,” Shackleford said.

Last season, Shackleford hired Leroy Thompson as an assistant coach. But just before training camp was to begin, Thompson was signed as an assistant for the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals.

“I didn’t feel like anybody was worthy of the position for the money I had,” Shackleford said.


-- Shackleford said he sent out hundreds of emails on Labor Day to players wh got cut from NFL teams.

“We’re not getting a lot of responses right now, as you’d expect after getting cut from an NFL team,” he said. “So right now we’re just collecting information.”

But he’s also signing some players.

“We signed (DL) Malcom Riley back, and we signed a guy who played at Washington, Anthony Boyles,” he said. “He was with the Eagles in training camp. He’s a defensive back and wide receiver.”

He also believs he’ll be signing defensive backs Lionell Singleton, Dennis Rogan, and Gary Wilburn — who left the team in midseason to play in the Canadian Football League.

“We should be getting defensive lineman Brandon Rankin back too,” he added. “We really have a lot of veterans.” One place the Fever is set at is quarterback, with both starter Dante Warren and back Andre Broadous signed.

“Dante has aspirations to play in the CFL,” said Shackleford. “At this point, he’ll have to play another year with us. He felt comfortable here.”

-- Carr leaves next week for Las Vegas for the annual Indoor Football League meetings.

The owners will discuss the league’s annual budget, adjust any operational by-laws that are needed, and discuss the divisional lineups.

With Bemidji, Minn., announced a few weeks ago as the league’s 10th franchise, discussion of anymore franchises should be done at the meetings.

“There’s a couple of potential franchises out there who have shown interest, but they’d have to get things expedited in the next week,” Carr said. “If they do, great. If they don’t, that’s great too. We’re happy right now with our ownership group.”

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