Letter: Benton County park maintenance limited by funding

September 2, 2013 

Lynn Prag (Letters, Aug. 27) complained of negligence by the Benton County Parks Board regarding maintenance in Two Rivers Park.

The writer had two issues.

The first regarded mosquitoes and ticks. Mosquito control is the responsibility of the mosquito control district, not the parks department. Also our local ticks are not transmitters of Lyme disease and have not been designated by the taxpayers as a vector requiring control by the local government.

The second issue regarded declining maintenance of the nature trail.

The public needs to understand that this problem stems not from negligence on the part of either the parks staff nor its board. The parks director, at the behest of the board, develops an annual budget request that is presented to the county commissioners who then decide how much of that request will be funded. That budget, as returned by the commissioners, determines the degree of maintenance (much of it in the form of manpower) that the parks department can accomplish in a given year.

If you want more maintenance in the parks, then ask the county commissioners to raise your property taxes by an amount that will cover the degree of maintenance you want.


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