Letter: Vast majority of scientists agree on global warming

September 1, 2013 

James Cheshire wrote (Letters, Aug 18) that "global warming is a scam led by our previous vice president who has made millions capitalizing on this phony issue," and alludes to "prestigious universities who clearly showed through history that weather and temperatures were very cyclical and had occurred over many centuries." He even mentions Hanford geologist Bruce Bjornstad, implying Bjornstad's work on the Ice Age floods in this areas is further evidence there is no global warming.

In fact, his "prestigious universities" come to the opposite conclusion: Global warming is real and it is driven primarily by man. More than 97 percent of climate experts support that view, as do the major scientific organizations and Academies of Science

Bjornstad also agrees with climate scientists, explicitly denying Mr. Cheshire's representation of his work on Ice Age flooding in a personal email to me when I contacted him about the letter.

"To think there is a new phenomenon caused by human use of fossil fuels is a real stretch" was Mr. Cheshire's conclusion. It's a "real stretch" only if you ignore the science and misrepresent the people doing it.


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