Letter: Waiting for Obama to denounce WWII vet's killing

September 1, 2013 

When will President Obama address the nation to denounce and to apologize to the world for the hateful murders of a WWII hero and an Australian student by black teenagers?

Obama rushed to the media to announce that the pot-smoking, violent, high school-suspended, gun-seeking, "innocent teenager in a hoodie," who was killed while attacking a neighborhood watch volunteer would have looked like his own son. He even said he could have been Trayvon Martin 35 years ago, when he was hitting on pot and cocaine according to his autobiography.

Will this race-conscious highly divisive president ever condemn the brutal murder of two innocent white men by these thugs? Instead of endlessly lecturing on the legacy of racial prejudice, enabling the race hustlers, and making excuses for underclass barbarism, he should admonish all Americans to responsibly raise their children to respect themselves, others, and the norms of civil society. This could start by bearing children only after marriage (black out-of-wedlock birth is 75 percent), pursuing an education, promoting self-sufficiency rather than dependency and embracing Judeo-Christian values instead of progressive secularism. These are the American values that need to be promoted, but they seem alien to this president.

DON HANNY, Kennewick

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