Letter: Benton Franklin Fair overpriced and underdelivered

August 28, 2013 

So we made it to the fair this year, we were ready to have some great family time. We were greeted by lines of cars. At the end of this line we were asked to pay eight dollars to park! Wow, pretty steep given the knowledge we were there to spend money. Couldn't wait to get some of that fabulous fair food. Couldn't get close to the vendors, -- the lines of people just trying to walk on the walkways blocked everything. You didn't know if you were in a line or standing dumbfounded watching an exhibit! When you were lucky enough to get your food, what a disappointment, undercooked, slow service, small portions and extremely expensive.

Oh well, at least there was entertainment. White Snake started with the F word ... remember, this is a family-oriented affair. No, the F bomb was not the worst of it, they continued to scream out inappropriate lyrics of all kinds. It ended with the biggest fiasco of all .. trying to leave. Lines of cars, people with flashers doing absolutely nothing, no one knowing how or what the other was doing. We left behind hundreds.

Last time for me and my family. Fair board, wake up.

LE'ANN CHERRY, Kennewick

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