Letter: Liberals have knack for twisting the facts

August 28, 2013 

Amazingly they can take any established fact and turn that data into a progressive agenda bent on debasing and defaming conservatives and damn the truth.

Mr. Gene Goltz (Letters, Aug. 23) letters debunked Melissa Souza’s magical numbers with real data showing Democrat presidents were not better for the economy over the past 50 years. For 44 years since 1945 Democrats have controlled both chambers of Congress and the purse strings; Republicans for 12 years. So who decided past economic policy?

Mr. Bensky on the same day claimed Rush Limbaugh was naming “low-information voters” as blacks and Hispanics. Anyone who has made a concerted effort to listen to Rush knows he and most conservatives are not racist. The “low-information voters” Rush alluded to, is anyone using race baiting hate speech with a plethora of innuendos.

Mr. Bensky goes on to say that Rush allegedly accuses Ms. Valerie Jarrett of issuing the Benghazi “stand down” order, missing the tongue-in-cheek point that the president relies heavily on Ms. Jarrett for a multitude of White House decisions. I would not hold my breath for that final Benghazi report, Mr. Bensky, Hillary needs to launch her campaign.

Michael Kildall, Kennewick

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